Rocky Community Improvement Fund

Rocky Community Improvement Fund
“Committed to improving Nelsonville and the surrounding communities
by promoting philanthropy among Rocky associates.”


To provide impactful support to our local communities by awarding grants to build a clean, safe, and healthy community for our neighbors.

RCIF has awarded over $600,000 to area non-profits since May of 2009.

RCIF Fall 2020 Grant Cycle Update

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our communities, we have chosen to additionally suspend the fall 2020 grant cycle for the Rocky Community Improvement Fund (RCIF). Money raised through the fund scheduled for distribution this fall has been donated to the Athens County Foundation Pandemic Response Fund. The fund will be directed to organizations with increased needs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Organizations in need can fill out application through Athens County Foundation by clicking here.

Non-profit organizations in the Nelsonville area with immediate needs related to the impact of COVID-19 can contact us at to discuss if and how RCIF can assist. RCIF cannot donate to individuals.

Organizations that submitted applications for a Fall 2020 grant will be included in our Spring 2021 selection process.

Please Contact RCIF for details on giving or receiving help:

Attn: RCIF
39 East Canal St.
Nelsonville, OH 45764
740.753.9100 x2115

Nelsonville is located in Athens County, in the heart of Ohio’s Appalachian region, which represents about 30% of the land in Ohio and 29 of its 88 counties. Statistics in this area show a population with a high percentage of people living in poverty, low per capita income, higher than average high school drop-out rates, higher infant mortality rates and out migration from the region. These observations are demonstrated in Athens County, Ohio’s poorest county.

    • The poverty rate is 26% compared to the state average of 10%
    • The high school drop out rate is 12%, nearly three times the national average
    • Most available jobs are low-wage-earning, fast-food, cashier and retail positions.
    • 48% of the county population is working poor
    • 39% of the population is receiving some kind of financial assistance
  • 32% of the population relies on the state for medical assistance

Statistics show that only 4.1% of all charitable contributions in Ohio flow to the Appalachian region of the state, despite the fact that this region accounts for 8.2% of the state’s human need. The Rocky Community Improvement Fund aims to help correct this by funneling money directly into the Nelsonville area, including the surrounding communities of Buchtel, Murray City, Glouster and Carbon Hill to name a few.


RCIF and Osteopathic Heritage Foundation of Nelsonville
2016 Spring Recipients

Stuart’s Opera House
Nelsonville Division of Fire
Nelsonville York Elementary
Community Food Initiatives
American Red Cross
Nelsonville Food Cupboard, Incorporated
Athens Food Rescue
Amesville Parent Teacher Organization
Bishopville Church of Christ Food Pantry
Friends of Strouds Run State Park
Nelsonville York Elementary
Trimble Textbook
Nelsonville York Science Department
Southeastern Ohio Foodbank (HAPCAP)
RCIF and Osteopathic Heritage Foundation of Nelsonville
2015 Fall Recipients

Federal Valley Resource Center
Dairy Barn
Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery
Village of Murray City Fire Department
Nelsonville Food Cupboard, Incorporated
Kids on Campus
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Athens
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio
Southeastern Ohio Foodbank (HAPCAP)
Stuart’s Opera House
Trimble Local Schools
York Township Fire Department
Habitat for Humanity
RCIF and Osteopathic Heritage Foundation of Nelsonville
2015 Spring Recipients

Trimble Local Textbook Foundation
Southeastern Ohio Food bank (HAPCAP)
Logan Hocking Local School District
Bishopville Church of Christ Food Pantry
Southern Local School District
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Athens, Inc.
York Township Fire Department
Nelsonville York City Schools-Buckeye Yearbook
Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery
Nelsonville York city Schools Band
Nelsonville York High School Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Club
Church of the Epiphany
Ohio Health O’Bleness Hospital
Stuart’s Opera House
Community Food Initiatives
Nelsonville Restoration Foundation
Jacksonville Fire & Rescue
Friends of the Shelter Dogs
RCIF and Osteopathic Heritage Foundation of Nelsonville
2014 Spring Recipients:

Ohio Health / O’Bleness Hospital
Trimble Local Textbook Foundation
Nelsonville York Preschool
Nelsonville Presbyterian Pre-Kindergarten
Bishopville Church of Christ Food Pantry
Corning Monroe Civic Center
Smith Chapel Food and Clothing Mission
Rural Action Inc.
Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio
Ohio University
Three Rivers Housing Corporation
Hocking College Foundation
Nelsonville York Elementary
First Presbyterian Church of Nelsonville