Georgia Boot: Zero Drag Collection Featured in July’s Footwear Plus

At Georgia Boot, footwear is put through its paces during extensive field tests to ensure all linings, waterproof membranes and outsoles deliver. While purpose-driven product like Diamond Trax (a slip-resistant outsole that gets better with age) and Comfort Core (an energy return heel plug) continues to pull people in, Zero Drag is the brand’s big push for next spring.

“In the past we’ve used a lot of polyurethane and direct-attach constructions but for this collection we’ve created a new proprietary material that’s shot or directly attached by an injection machine,” explains Designer Jordan Anderson, noting that it’s about 22 percent lighter than traditional polyurethane.

“We’re pushing the limits of the materials we’re using to make them lighter, stronger and to be what we need them to be,” he adds. “We call it the Zero Drag because a lot of guys will say, ‘Stop dragging ass!’ so we want this shoe to emphasize that this is going to help you along throughout the day so your foot’s not going to get tired.”
– Footwear Plus Magazine

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